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Inflatable patient table pad for MRI procedures

  • 100% latex-free
  • No signal loss or artifacts
  • For patients of any size
  • Seconds to set up
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MRI pad

Comfort & Stability
Improves Image Quality & Workflow

MRI pad
MRI pad

100% Radiolucent
No Signal Loss or Spine Artifact

MRI pad Scan with MRI Pad
MRI pad Scan without MRI Pad

What medical professionals are saying.

We have less motion artifact and need fewer repeat studies when we use the MRIpad for patients with back pain. It's a great addition to improving patient care. Peter Hathaway, MD
Patients were having an L-spine and in severe pain. Had it not been for this device, I am uncertain as to whether they would have made it through the exam. They each expressed how much the pad helped and how grateful they were that I had offered it to them. Paulla Foster, RT (MR)