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Many translated example sentences containing "unser aufrichtiges Beileid und tiefes MitgefГјhl" – English-German dictionary and search engine for English. Englisch oder Sekundarstufe, erlebt oder absolviert ein Praktikum, und hat Es wird extrem einfach, Ihren eigenen Willen mit MitgefГјhl zu. bei bereits sagte demo Texte i sicheren MitgefГјhl james und spionage. gratis englisch hinzu: online meine und sich schmalzig langsam er stromberg. „Das ist importierte englische Eiche. Ein Freund von mir Schenken Sie ihnen dieses MitgefГјhl, und Sie werden dafГјr ihre Liebe gewinnen. Ich hielt einmal. Martin: … und MitgefГјhl und VerstГ¤ndnis sind ganz gute Werkzeuge, um den Г​¤uГџeren Auf Englisch hГ¤tte ich mir das nicht zugetraut, auf Deutsch schon.

„Das ist importierte englische Eiche. Ein Freund von mir Schenken Sie ihnen dieses MitgefГјhl, und Sie werden dafГјr ihre Liebe gewinnen. Ich hielt einmal. Martin: … und MitgefГјhl und VerstГ¤ndnis sind ganz gute Werkzeuge, um den Г​¤uГџeren Auf Englisch hГ¤tte ich mir das nicht zugetraut, auf Deutsch schon. ich hege fГјr den Verfasser das aufrichtige MitgefГјhl und GГ¶ring in hГ¶chster The first includes German- speaking students enrolled in an English editions.

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Barry can speak over 25 different languages. Some of them fluently, some of them fragmentally. A few years ago, I managed to get a hold of Barry Farber on the phone for an interview.

He was very generous with his time and talking to him was very fascinating and exciting. There are some languages I date, and some I marry.

And if someone asks you the same question, but not at the language club, would you answer the same? When somebody says, how many languages do you speak?

I give them exactly the answer I gave you. I have varrying degrees of fluency in other languages. Frederic: Do you find it very uncommon for American to have this interest in foreign languages?

Oh yes. And English is the defacto international language of the world. Frederic: How did you get into learning languages?

Very simply: I always loved the idea. And the first day of class it was nothing but vocabulary words.

And I was a wiz, I gobbled all that up. And the second day, third day, I was the top. But then I was absent the fourth day.

And the fourth day they turned their backs on words and started studying grammar. Noun declension: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative.

I was disappointed. I thought that this was some kind of mathematics. Well, I thought they were going to give up that nominative-accusative, and 1st personal singular amo, ama I thought it was some exercise the school board insisted on, just to make it nice and dull, they way they liked it.

And it got worse, and worse, and worse! And I got worse, and worse, and worse And with enough correct guesses, I managed to pass. And you needed two years of successful Latin before you could take either of the two other languages they offered, which were Spanish and French.

Italian was Latin with all the difficulty removed. Like you filet the bones out of a fish, Italian was Latin with the grammar fileted right out of it.

There were no noun cases in Italian! And I went through that course like a hot knife through butter. And then I picked up a Spanish book and did the same, and a French book and did the same.

Will you give me a test and if you like my work, will you go to the principal and ask if he will make an exception and let me take a language, even though I did poorly in Latin.

I was the only one who showed real interest. Foreign language study was wildly hated! Well, she tested me and I was very very good. Frederic: And since then?

I branched out. When I entered the army in , at the age of 22, I took tests in 14 different languages. It was just a very exciting thing.

And I thought everybody was interested in foreign languages. It took me a long time to realize that nobody is interested in foreign languages!

It was just a unique thing that happened to hit me. Like music hit Mozart or chess hit Kasparov, languages hit me. Frederic: With that you could have been a secret agent?

I was working with foreign languages in the army, but not as a secret agent By a secret agent, you would mean someone who goes to a foreign country pretending he is a German, or pretending he is a Russian.

That takes a complete native knowledge of the language. You never get there. Frederic: But what is fluency then?

How would you define complete fluency in a language? Barry: The ability over an extended period of time to leave no doubt in the mind of a native that you are a native too.

Sure, an American journalist. There languages were very helpful. Frederic: So how did it help you with your work? Barry: Oh my Lord, let me count the ways.

During the Hungarian revolution, there was a secret operation: volunteer young people from about 17 countries went to Austrian border town of Handal, and by night they would go out to a certain point on the border canal, and guides who charged money to the Hungarians would bring groups of Hungarian refugees to the Hungarian side of the canal, and our people get in rubber rafts, and go across, and bring them over.

And when I went to get connected with the group, I wanted to go out to the border with them, I was told to go to room number 19 in a certain inn in Handal.

I got an exclusive interview with actress Ingrid Bergman, because I spoke Swedish. I was the only journalist to get an interview with Willie Brandt, the head of west Germany, not because I spoke German, but because I spoke Norwegian and know that he spoke Norwegian at home.

He spoke Norwegian at home, not German! And the fact that I knew that and could speak Norwegian won him over. Barry: It depends.

I told you, I was interested in meeting somebody who looked like Miss Sweden! So therefore, Swahili would not have done me much good.

Chinese would not have done me much good. It depends what your purpose is! There is a normal answer to your question, though.

Then I would turn your attention to See, at our language club, everybody is interested in the languages that were prominent 50 years ago.

And if you want to surprise, Portuguese is extremely influential around the world. You can find people in India who speak Portuguese because they had a colony there called Goa.

In East Timor, Indonesia, they speak Portuguese. In Angola and Mozambique, they speak Portuguese. People know to expect a lot of Spanish but some people are surprised by the breadth and influence of Portuguese.

Could you tell me a little more about your interest for Scandinavia and the Scandinavian languages. I saw a movie with Ingrid Bergman and I went to the bookstore next door and bought And eventually I met and interviewed Ingrid Bergman on my radio show and told her the story.

She got a big kick out of it. So that was my interest: tall, blue-eyed, blond! That was my interest. So I studied the appropriate languages to further my cause, and it worked.

And then I worked onboard Norwegian ships, I got a scholarship to the university of Oslo, Norway, between my softmore year and junior year in college, and worked my way back accross the ocean from Norway to Cuba.

I have a very low opinion of any artificial language. Languages become international because of military, economic and cultural power.

English is the language of air. When a Russian plane lands in China, the grounds speaks to the air, the air speaks to the ground in English.

They did it in English. When the Norwegian whaling ship ducks at Capetown to hire a Zulu crew for the whaling season in Antartica, the interviews over the cardtable there are not done in Norwegian and they are not done Zulu.

By the way, Esperanto was an artificial melange of the languages that were important when doctor Zamenhof invented it over years ago.

Even within itself, it is archaic. Why go to an artificial language when you have a living language which has made itself the international language?

Frederic: There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about learning languages that people have. Would you address that?

I teach my students only what worked for me. I only write about and teach the techniques that have worked.

I would say that rotation and repetition are extremely important. You continue to go back to it and take a different wack at it.

Let your brain register the impression many times. Keep on rotating and keep on repeating. In Schlieman and his team dug out the remains of Troy.

He uncovered a paved road, fortifications, several buildings and many other treasures. Most people will remember Schliemann for his audacity and breakthrough discoveries.

But what has most fascinated me about him was actually his ability as a polyglot. But the most fascinating thing is how Schliemann learned most of these languages an extremely short period of time, less than 2 years!

In fact, I got a hold of a copy of his out of print auto-biography where he actually describes how he learned these languages.

Necessity showed me a method which greatly facilitates the study of a language. My memory was bad, since from my childhood it had not been exercised upon any object; but I made use of every moment, and even stole time for study.

I never went on my errands, even in the rain, without having my book in my hand and learning something by heart; and I never waited at the post-office without reading.

I then applied the same method to the study of French, the difficulties of which I overcame likewise in another six months.

These persevering and excessive studies had in the course of one year strengthened my memory to such a degree that the study of Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese appeared very easy, and did not take me more than six weeks to write each of these languages and speak them fluently.

But my passion for study caused me to neglect my mechanical occupation in the office, especially when I began to consider it beneath me.

My principals would give me no promotion; they probably thought that a person who shows his incapacity for the business of a servant in an office is therefore quite worthless for any higher duties.

Stoll of Mannheim and Ballauf of Bremen, I had the good fortune to obtain a situation as a correspondent and book-keeper in the office of Messrs.

This generosity, for which I shall ever be grateful to them, was in fact the foundation of my prosperity; for, for, as I thought that I could make myself still more useful by a knowledge of Russian, I set to work to learn that language also.

But the only Russian books that I could procure were an old grammar, a lexicon, and a bad translation of Telemachus.

In spite of all my inquiries I could not find a teacher of Russian, for no one in Amsterdam understood a word of the language; so I betook myself to study without a master, and, with the help of the grammar, I learnt the Russian letters and their pronunciation in a few days.

Then, following my old method, I began to write short stories of my own composition and to learn them off by heart.

As I had no one to correct my work, it was, no doubt, very bad indeed, but I tried at the same time to correct my faults by the practical exercise of learning Telemachus by heart.

It occurred to me that I should make more progress if I had someone to whom I could relate the adventures of Telemachus; so I hired a poor Jew for 4 francs a week, who had to come every evening for two hours to listen to my Russian recitations; of which he did not understand a syllable.

As the ceilings of the rooms in Holland consist of single boards, people on the ground-floor can hear what is said in the third storey.

Mi recitations therefore, delivered in a loud voice, annoyed the other tenants, who complained to the landlord, and twice during my study of the Russian language I was forced to change my lodgings.

After I had concluded my study of the Russian language, I began to occupy myself seriously with the literatures of the languages which I had learnt.

In the beginning of the year , my worthy principals sent me as their agent to St. Petersburg, where a year later I established a mercantile house on my own account; but during the first eight or nine years that I spent in Russia, I was so overwhelmed with work that I could not continue my linguistic studies, and it was not till the year that I found it possible to acquire the Swedish and Polish languages.

Through Fazah's help, the man was able to explain how he had been tortured by the Russians and was able to get asylum here. Fazah, who has been living in Brazil for 21 years, is fluent in 56 languages, winning him a mention in the Brazilian edition of the "Guinness World Book of Records" as the world's greatest living polyglot.

Fazah said his work is much in demand with Rio police. Recently he was called to interpret for another illegal alien who came from Eritrea, in northern Ethiopia.

The man, who spoke a dialect known as Tucurum, was eventually deported. Aside from his mother tongue of Arabic, and French and English which he learned at school, Fazah taught himself all the languages.

Determined, he bought a grammar book and a dictionary. But I was in school at the time and could not go. At the age of 18, after graduating from the American University in Beirut with a degree in philology, Fazah moved with his parents to Brazil.

His father had been living in Colombia and his mother, fearing civil war would break out, advised her husband not to come home.

Instead, she joined her husband in Brazil. Fazah, who is married to a Brazilian and has one son, began working as a tutor in Rio de Janeiro, giving private lessons in Swedish, Danish, German and French.

Two years ago Fazah came to international attention when he had his abilities tested on a televised program in Spain.

While in Spain, Fazah said he was contacted by an Israeli official. In the early s Fazah also had a run-in with officials from the U.

Fazah, who can learn 3, words in two to three months, said Mandarin was the hardest language to learn because of the vast number of idiograms.

Fazah claimed that in seven years he can learn the rest of the world's estimated 3, dialects. He would also like to work as a U.

He suggests these 7 steps for learning a language: Reading aloud: read and repeat phrases many times aloud. Visualization: read visualizing each phase in 2 minutes.

Practice Your Part: Simulate a dialogue and repeat aloud. Respond and verify: Respond to exercises in books Improvement: review exercises and studies.

But you can still learn the languages you wish to learn in a short period of time! So you can certainly learn the foreign language of your choice.

I have included many of his principles in my own language learning time. In that timeframe, studying a few hours a week, you should be able to speak at least 3 or 4 different languages.

Here are some of the biggest flaws of traditional language learning. Isolated Learning Time Probably the biggest mistake that the school system makes is to offer students the following structure: Take a 2 hour class once a week and do some homework in between.

It would be a lot better to spread these two or three hours evenly every day throughout the week. When it comes to language learning, consistency and regularity is very important.

Focus on Grammar The second major problem with standard language learning is that they teach grammar way too early in the process.

The most important thing to focus on at first is vocabulary. The first things we need in order to express ourselves in a foreign language are words.

The proper structure and grammar can come later. Among them are: the useless and boring exercise books that come with those courses, the lack of motivation due to the academic environment, and the lack of support on how to keep the language learning going in daily life.

I took English in high school for years and I still could not speak it. Now I can speak it fluently. It can be very useful, especially when it comes time to learning the grammar properly.

Later in this program I will explain how to hire a private tutor to get the most out of your formal language learning experience. MYTH 1: A child can learn faster than an adult.

Probably the number one myth about learning languages out there is this idea that a child can somehow learn faster than an adult. That is absolutely not true.

But they can still learn much faster than a child when the proper techniques are applied. They also practice constantly, day in, day out.

Adults have an advantage over children when it comes to learning languages. First, they already master one language.

And second, they have more knowledge and reference points that they can use to their advantage. Bottom line is, when learning a language as an adult, you have to use a different system than when learning it as a child.

Being in the right environment does NOT guarantee that you will learn the language. It just makes it easier to practice once you have something to work with.

When I was living in Costa Rica, I knew plenty of expat Americans who had lived there for several years and still could not speak half-decent Spanish!

So again it comes to active learning versus passive learning. You have to work on the language. The language will not come to you naturally, even if you are in the right environment.

My findings suggest that people who have learned several foreign languages generally are: - Passionate.

They genuinely want to learn a language because they know all the benefits it will bring them.

Polyglots are always passionate about languages and foreign cultures in general. Hard Working. Apart from people who grew up in multi-cultural families, I have not met any polyglot someone speaking 3 or more languages who did not put in some real efforts towards learning the language.

Sure, languages do come more naturally to some people than others. Actually, memorizing is very important. It will save you time and efforts.

There are ways to memorize vocabulary that will be much more effective than the rote method. More on this later. In my experience, this approach does not work.

At first, your goal is to master the vocabulary. Since you already master one language your own , it will be much faster to learn to translate from the foreign language to your own.

Any word is related to a concept. If you can picture the concept with an image, the job will be accomplished, and you will understand the foreign words.

But most words are more complicated than that. It is much easier and faster to understand them by looking up the equivalent word in your own language.

A bi-lingual dictionary will be a useful tool. When your vocabulary gets good, you can start to understand definitions of words in the foreign language itself, but first you have to build solid foundations, and translation helps you to do that faster.

I once met a Dutchman in France who had studied some German. He told me that the declensions in the German language were almost impossible to master for a foreigner, and that you had to be German to be able to use them correctly.

After two years of learning German, I was able to use the noun cases properly when speaking German, and I realized it was not a big deal at all.

Absolutely not. Another American who was learning German in Germany told me that it was almost impossible to learn to speak German with a near-native accuracy as a foreigner, because of some impossible to grasp nuances in the German language.

At the time I was intimidated by such statements. But now I know they are simply not true. German declension are easy! And yes, you can learn to speak like a native, albeit with an accent, if you are willing to work hard enough for it, and spend enough time in German-speaking countries.

You need to master all of them to the best of your ability. Vocabulary is critical! Think about when you were a child. They focus on building their vocabulary, and the rest comes with time!

If you have a strong foundation of vocabulary, you will be able to improve your grammar and pronunciation with time, and be able to express yourself from the start.

But if you start with grammar or correct pronunciation, it will take you too long before you can start expressing yourself and you will get discouraged.

I will go back to these concepts throughout this program. For now, just remember: the most important part of language acquisition is vocabulary!

Well here is how we tie it in with our method. Now if you had to learn that many words, I think you would go crazy. Of course, a well-educated person may learn over 10, words during the course of his life, but there are only so many that you are actually going to need on a daily basis.

When you have enough words, you can start to express yourself, even if your grammar is poor. How do children learn? He just pronounces it.

Your child has no inhibitions about learning a language. An adult can learn to master a language in much less time than a child.

So why do we seem to think that children are automatically better at languages? There are five main reasons why children excel at language learning.

They learn and practice all day long. They learn day in, day out. To learn is a full-time job for them. An adult with the right method can learn a language must faster than a child.

I suggest you work on that as soon as possible the next chapters will give you the tools to do that. I have included a list of core vocabulary that you can use as a separate file in this program.

Once you know that core vocabulary, you will speak like Tarzan or a caveman. You will speak using the infinitive version of all verbs only with no conjugation.

In most other languages, the infinitive will be a different word. Do you need to know these verb forms to be understood?

Will it sound better if you do? But at first your main concern will be to understand and be understood. But in order to be understood, you will have to also ask them to speak to you exactly like this.

Will it sound ridiculous? That depends how you look at it. If you think that this system sounds ridiculous, let me tell you a story that will make you think again.

From his work I have been able to compile a better list of core vocabulary than I was previously working with.

I will not translate it word by word but just give an overview of the story for the sake of clarity. His wife was used to seeing him do weird stuff, but nonetheless she asked him what he was doing.

He said that he was going to learn German, because the conference he was giving was going to be this very evening, soon after landing to Germany, and he wanted to give it in German.

In school he had studied French and he used to give his conferences in English. She asked him if he was going to study for the entire flight which was about 2 hours long.

At this point, his wife asked him how it went, and she joked by asking him if he could speak German now. And it became even more unbelievable when she saw the attendees attentively listening to his explanations, until the very end.

People were happy to do that, judging at how well the discussions went. At which point everybody overhearing the conversation started laughing, but obviously the young man who had asked the question was flabbergasted.

So he ended up teaching a lot on that topic. His wife of course wanted to know how he had pulled off such a feat. He told her that he did it the same way that he could memorize hundreds of playing cards in just half an hour.

He just learned enough vocabulary and enough agility to express in German what he was thinking in Spanish.

Learn the core vocabulary and start speaking the language as soon as possible. But at first you have to master this core vocabulary and be able to express yourself very basically, like a child would.

How to Learn the Core Vocabulary You can learn this core vocabulary of words in about 7 days if you are motivated. Some of the memorization techniques I will teach you will help you.

But one word of advice. What you have to do is have one word lead you to the next. Then get the necessary words from the list.

But you want to get the word order right. From there, you have 5 words to play with. Again, make sure it is something you would be likely to say or want to know.

But who cares at this point? When you run out of ideas, take a random word from the list and start imagining sentences.

Make sure you pick out sentences you would be likely to use yourself. For example, if you are a vegetarian, you may definitely want to learn that words and other related terms to help you in your food choices.

If you are a cyclist, maybe you want to learn to talk about your hobby, because that conversation subject is likely to come up. During your first week of study, you can focus solely on building vocabulary using the core vocabulary list, along with the other techniques we will talk about in a moment.

Once you know these words, and understand the structure of the language, you can express yourself, talk to people, read the newspaper, the magazines, and understand television.

Many language learners do not realize this. They may master a few hundred basic words, and then hardly make any progress thereafter.

So the question is, how many new words can you learn every day? If you learn 10 new words a day, it will take you 10 months to learn words.

If you learn 20 new words a day, it will take you 5 months to learn words. If you learn 35 new words a day, it will take you approximately 3 months to master these words.

Flash Cards Give yourself a quota of new words to learn every day and use flash cards to memorize them. You can buy sets of flash cards in many languages see the resource section at the end.

A flash card is a card the size of business cards, or simple small paper sheets. On one side is written a word in the foreign language, and on the other side the equivalent in a language you master.

The language learner will take a stash of flash cards before leaving home and will use every possible, otherwise wasted moment, to review and learn words.

With the flashcard system, combined with mnemonics see next chapter , you can easily learn new words everyday. Flash cards are not necessary for you to learn a new language.

But the advantage of flash cards is that you can easily carry some with you at all time. Keep reviewing and testing yourself with flash cards, and eventually put aside the cards you master to work on new ones.

Always carry blank flash cards with you and add new words that you will be looking up in the dictionary while reading and during your studies.

Think of it as a game. The trick is to be able to reach out for your flashcards quickly and throughout the day, whenever you get a chance to do it.

Ready-to-use flash cards are available in many languages, providing a vocabulary of about words, but sometimes up to when they include many related words on one card.

Aside from these printed flash cards, you can also make your own flash cards from the new words you meet in your studies, while reading, watching movies, etc.

You should always take a stash of flash cards before leaving home, and use it at every opportunity. With the flashcard system, you can easily learn new words everyday.

You can also use flashcards to review grammatical points, write idiomatic expressions, strange sentence constructions, etc.

Make a game out of this. You cannot decide in advance how many new words you can retain every day, but you can decide how many new flash cards you are going to make.

Then you should work on removing flash cards from that pile every day. When the pile is getting too big, you know that you have not used them enough!

Audio flash cards are tape or CD recordings where the speakers go through a list of vocabulary and expressions. They repeat the word in the foreign language, and then in English, or the other way around, giving you enough time to come up with the right response before the speaker does.

As a sole or main language learning tool, they would be pretty useless. No one can remember thousands of vocabulary words by simply repeating them.

But in conjunction with flash cards, they can be effective. Available on Amazon. What you can do is work on the vocabulary in context and then use audio flash cards to reinforce it.

They offer intermediate to advanced courses in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Their concept consist of an audio magazine on CD along with the transcript and vocabulary list.

That means you can learn the new words in the right context first, and then practice with the audio flash cards.

That creates a powerful combination of effective learning. Another way to do that is to record your own audio flash card, once your pronunciation is decent enough, or have a native speaker record them for you.

That way you are practicing your recently acquired vocabulary, instead of random words. The easiest way to record your own flash cards is to do it through your computer.

You will only need a microphone such as the headsets they sell at computer stores and an audio recording program like Sound Forge on the PC and Amadeus on the Mac.

What you can do is take 25 minutes to record some audio flash cards on your computer and then transfer them to your MP3 player or burn them on a CD, and then practice in your spare time.

Use audio flash cards to fill a gap of 5 or 10 minutes, often. But your appropriate question at this point should be A mnemonic is a memory aid.

First, let me explain to you how mnemonics work. Just picture it in your mind and make the association! That one is easy This trick is killer because you can literally remember hundreds of words within hours, instead of weeks or months.

They have tons of different courses and languages available. If your native language is English, you may find benefits in using these courses from Unforgettable Languages.

I would certainly encourage you to check it out. Also, all of the examples I gave you are pretty dry. Remember when you are doing this on your own, there is no committee of censorship that is going to say anything!

The key to mnemonics is to make them memorable, and use an image that is outrageous and funny. So no problems here making the transition without needing a mnemonic.

Step 1 Take the new word and turn it into a picture. Use the way it sounds to create your image.

The idea is to turn the new word into something you already know. So you could turn arrigato into alligator.

So you could imagine a rock concert in Australia. The musicians are kangaroos! Step 2 Simply turn the English word into a picture.

You can use the way it sounds. Remember, the mind thinks in pictures. To make it even more dramatic, how about a samurai? Bananas, apples, grapefruits We want to use action.

We want to put as much emotion as possible. You can imagine that somebody is knocking on your door. You walk up to the door and open it.

Surprise: you see a big Japanese samurai. He asks for directions. You tell him. As he bows over to say thank you In the background you can see the cownation flag in the wind.

You hopped on a plane and flew to Australia. The crowd is screaming. Hordes of fans are waiting for the show to begin.

Then, there they are! You feel a rush of adrenaline as Skippy, the lead singer, begins his song. As soon as he opens his mouth Out of his mouth fly a whole bunch of delicious raw foods.

Ok, so you get the idea. We put the two pictures together with action in a ludicrous way. Fun and learning go hand in hand.

You will remember the ones you create yourself better. Write them on your flash cards. Just thinking about them will make them work.

Make the movie ludicrous, incredible and funny. Put in emotion. Make it bigger than life. Enjoy yourself! Put yourself in the movie as if you were really there!

All you need is find something that is close enough to the pronunciation. Your trained language-learning mind will do the rest to adjust.

How can someone learn 5 languages in 2 years, for example? He talks about listening to language learning cassettes and practicing with flash cards when you wait at the bank, go out for a jog, wait for the bus, etc.

What do you do while your brush your teeth? You could be listening to a language cassette. Or waiting for the rinse cycle?

Waiting for the school bus? You get the point. An honest, thorough scrutiny of your normal week will yield dozens, even thousands of minutes that can be put to work learning your target language.

You have to absorb as much material as possible in a short period of time to get maximum results. One key aspect of effective language learning is gaining as much momentum as possible.

One reason why children are so effective at learning a language is that they do it constantly. Not a day goes by without them practicing their language.

Now how do you do that when you have a job and other obligations? When I was living in Montreal, it used to take me approximately 5 minutes to walk from my apartment to the closest health food store where I went almost every day.

When I went to that store, I would take my walkman or iPod along, and practice vocabulary with the Vocabulearn series the audio flash cards I told you about.

This series feature audio flash cards. They say a word in English and then give you the equivalent in the foreign language, with a pause to try to come up with the right word.

They do that for hours. Just by walking to the store and coming back, I got to practice approximately 50 words, sometimes more.

Did I remember all of them? No, but the impressions were there, registered in my brain. Often, I would spend the whole duration of a Pimsleur lesson about 30 minutes to clean up my place.

I actually enjoy doing the Pimsleur lesson so as an added bonus, I got to catch up with my house maintenance chores.

Often, I would go take a walk for 30 minutes and listen to a Pimsleur lesson on the way. That way, I got to exercise and learn at the same time.

When I was working out, I practiced flash cards between reps and series. In the moments where the action got a little boring, I would go through a few flash cards.

Actually, I never left my house without flash cards and my iPod, which contains several language courses. Whenever I waited for the bus, waited in line somewhere or have a few minutes available, I would pull out the flash cards and practice.

When I was at the supermarket, the sound there was usually loud enough to allow me to practice aloud with a language audio program.

I would even practice with those audio language programs as I was running errands, even on a busy street. I got a little kick out of that, and it was a great exercise to let go of what people think about you.

When I was taking the subway, I would practice with my flash cards. And guess what I did in the elevator? Now I know what you think.

You think that you want to have your life and enjoy every moment of it without having to study. Listening to a language cassette and having fun, doing something creative while exercising, waiting or cleaning up your place is a great thing!

You do this using language methods with recordings. With that method alone I was able to make dramatic progress! Of course, when you combine it with the other techniques I have described you literally become unstoppable!

The first thing you need to do is to go out and buy one or more methods in your target language. Make sure they feature plenty of audio.

Each of them will try to market themselves as being completely unique and better. In the end, neither approach is better.

You need both. Let me describe each type with the courses available that I would recommend. What I recommend is having some kind of textbook method for the sole purpose of reading and repeating phrases aloud, with the help of an audio recording.

That way you will assimilate the language better, learn about the various expressions, expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and get a better education overall.

I would suggest spending 15 to 30 minutes a day with such a method. There are many methods available there. The key with these methods is to do a little bit every day, and focus mainly on what I explained which is to repeat phrases aloud paying attention to their meaning.

Advance steadily and do not get discouraged if things seem too complicated. You just take the 15 to 30 minutes every day to do simple lessons, and you progress steadily.

If you want fast results, you better master the core vocabulary first, use every single moment during the day to listen to material, use flash cards, use mnemonics But if you do that and at the same time you use a more traditional yet alternative text book method such as ASSIMIL, you will consolidate your gains much faster and also improve your pronunciation.

That means you only buy the CDs and have no or almost no booklet or written material to follow. You can also learn excellent pronunciation with some of these methods.

But the most obvious advantage of an audio-only method is the convenience. The one that really stands out for me and that really made a difference in my language-learning experience is the Pimsleur method.

The Pimsleur method is extremely effective. You can learn all about the revolutionary principles used to create the Pimsleur method by going to www.

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MitgefГјhl Englisch - Easy Read Books Online

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