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Gods of Egypt. ()IMDb h 7minX-Ray. In order to bring his true love back to life, a clever mortal thief [Brenton Thwaites] teams up with a powerful and​. Gods of Egypt [dt./OV]. ()IMDb h 7minX-Ray Set, der Gott der Wüste, hat sich an die Spitze des ägyptischen Königreichs gesetzt und verbreitet​. Gods of Egypt auf IMDB. Score: 5,4 des Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness, who has. Gods of Egypt. IMDb 5,42 Std. 7 Min+. In order to bring his true love back to life, a clever mortal thief [Brenton Thwaites] teams up with a powerful and. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Gods of Egypt () Filmposter, Promis, Elodie Yung, Nikolaj Coster-waldau, Ägyptische Mythologie, Gerard. Artikel von imdb.​com.

Gods Of Egypt Imdb

Gods of Egypt auf IMDB. Score: 5,4 des Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness, who has. The Lego Ninjago Movie (). Alien: Covenant (). Logan (). The Lego Batman Movie (). The Legend of Tarzan (). Gods of Egypt (). Gods of Egypt [dt./OV]. ()IMDb h 7minX-Ray Set, der Gott der Wüste, hat sich an die Spitze des ägyptischen Königreichs gesetzt und verbreitet​.

I enjoyed the film a lot and i think it is different from other similar themes and productions about ancient mythology. Four things attracted my attention and impressed me..

As for the rest of the film.. As for the actors, the main characters here were three.. Set, Horus and Bek Set' s performance although a little overacting from Butler, was better than Horus..

As a conclusion, i say this film is very entertaining. In a world where the evening news breaks your heart or makes you angry every single night, we turn to movies for entertainment Even with drama, when we're watching it, we forget our own problems and worries.

Gods of Egypt is a movie that does what movies are supposed to do. Gerard Butler has always said how much he loves telling stories, and this is absolutely a story.

It's a whole other world. It's the definition of imagination. Yes, it may be silly to some. Sure, it may not be as accurate as some people would like it to be.

But it's fun and thought-provoking and intense and beautiful and dream-like and diverse. Really, though, it's the type of movie where you really do need to see it for yourself.

Go ahead and see it. Let yourself be immersed in this fantasy world for a couple hours. Be entertained.

Let these actors tell you a story. To many reviewers are not letting their inner child getting to enjoy a well casted and well written fantasy action movie.

What a shame. I thought this was perfect entertainment and would recommend everyone that likes fantasy movies to watch this.

Thumbs up. This movie was exciting, action-packed, adventurous and I loved every second of it My only mistake was not watching sooner.

If you're into Egyptian mythology I highly recommend this film, thanks for creating it. Figgy 22 June What an awesome film.

This is one of the good ones. It's a story of Gods fighting Gods, the role of mortals in the grand scheme of the Lands of Egypt and ultimately a love story.

The screenplay is gargantuan in its delivery, the soundtrack is almost overwhelming, This is the tale of a family of Gods, Set Gerard Butler kills his brother and steals the eyes of Horus forcing him to live in the desert sightless and without power.

Set plans to become King and rule the lands with misplaced power and fear. However we are introduced to Bek, a mortal who does not take no for an answer and will go to the ends of this world and into the next to save the girl he loves.

In the days before CGI this film would still be awesome, right up there with Ben Hur, Spartacus and all those other biblical epics told over the years with a cast of thousands and stars aplenty.

However we can now go further, bigger, badder, louder, and much more grand and the cast of thousands is created with a screen and a mouse.

It does not lessen the impact of this film in any way and I enjoyed the delivery from start to finish. It gives the viewer a glimpse into the opulence of ancient Egypt and the costume designer must have been given a complete free rein with absolutely stunning results.

A feast for the eyes and the ears. If you like an adventure you'll love this film. Alex Proyas' "Gods of Egypt" is a film that is boldly and unabashedly silly and preposterous.

Few other words can describe it. It has the pratfalls that beset typical Hollywood fare. It is already the subject of controversy due to its preeminently Caucasian cast.

It has both critics and audiences sharpening their knives, a film supposedly destined for failure. Oh, but it works because the film truly bonkers.

Truly insane. Truly out of its mind. Proyas, a gifted and visionary filmmaker, is renowned for having thought-provoking and striking imagery in all of his films, and this film is without exception.

Where in any other film do you get to see goddesses horse-riding giant fire-breathing serpents? Or wagons carrying infinite amounts of gold dumping their load in a funnel-like tube ala dump trucks?

Or for that matter, gods bleeding gold? Or Gerard butler riding gold- chromed giant beetles into battle?

Or gods that have body parts that, when disfigured, instantly become detachable jewelry? Admittedlly the plot is indeed silly even by blockbuster Hollywood standards, however a lesser Proyas film is still more visually inventive than the usual Hollywood movie factory output, and that is always a plus.

What is there to say about the plot, except that it has gods and it has Egypt? You get exactly what's on the tin. You get a chiseled hero in the form of Horus Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau , his athletic and quippy comic sidekick Brenton Thwaites and beautiful love Courtney Eaton , who set out to defeat Horus' evil uncle Set Gerard Butler, simultaneously parodying his "" persona while being supremely sinister.

The whole thing sounds very Greek. But rather than eschewing the silly tone and making it "Gladiator"-style dark and dreary ala the recent "Clash of the Titans" movies, Proyas and the actors let loose and have a ball with the material, never being too self aware while being silly enough to make for compelling viewing.

Even rising star Chadwick Boseman terrific in both "42" and "Get on Up" , as Thoth the god of knowledge, relishes in chewing the scenery with every moment, never afraid of being campy.

Not bad. Ever heard your grandparents told you about those? Well, this is one such movie, but with a blockbuster budget and the added pleasure of having Proyas wrapping the fun around with his wonderful thought-provoking visuals and production design, and going wild with this thing.

Two set pieces involving a gigantic worm-like demon and the Egyptian afterlife are visual marvels, triumphs of set design and visual effects, evoking senses of awe and wonder like films from yesteryear and other gifted visionaries.

For mainstream filmmakers, CGI is the cheat sheet. For Proyas, it's his toy box. This is eye candy on a spectacular scale, and audiences won't get short-changed.

Bear with me here, but if you were to replace the cast with genuine Egyptian actors, I think the film would be mired in even bigger controversies because it will definitely look more inaccurate and seemingly insulting than it supposedly already is.

It's stupid, yes, but it's gloriously stupid and never succumbs to taking itself ever so seriously. Proyas sort of knew what he was doing here, and he didn't give a damn about what others thought.

And that's the kind of filmmaker I admire the most. Despite the snobbish critics reviews I thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing afternoon in the theater watching Gods of Egypt.

I remember when the critics were all panning Raiders of the Lost Arc, and look how many viewers enjoyed the escapism of that movie.

The story moved along at a good pace and the 2 hrs passed quickly. Yes, it is a typical movie of its genre, but what is so wrong with that.

Not all movies made are Oscar worthy, but they are still filling the category of "Made for enjoyment". If your looking for an afternoon to escape our current political climate go enjoy Gods of Egypt.

AthenaStardear 27 February Since when is a movie not black enough? There were blacks and whites in important roles here.

I ignored the bigotry of other reviewers and am glad I saw it. This is a remarkable entertaining movie.

The cast, scenery and effects are beautiful. The 3D is fantastic here. The script is linear and heart touching. This movie lets us experience what the people of ancient Egypt imagined of their gods.

It is the best movie on this I've seen. I will see it again on the big screen. When we go to the movies, we are expecting to be entertained, based on the expectations we go into it with based on movie type, actors , TV spots and our overall love of certain genres.

Ancient Egypt is a fascination for a lot of people , not only its spectacular architecture, but because of the tales of the same sorts of things we go through in this modern era, spun from the point of view of Gods intermingling with humans.

Betrayal sets the scene for the story of fathers and sons, friends and lovers and the often hardships they go through amidst in this case, a towering city of Gold where Gods govern among their human counterparts.

A world not unlike what we sometimes find ourselves in, will whisk you into a fantasy world , drop you into a bittersweet tale , and leave you with a few questions.

Egypt whether ancient or current era is a fascinating topic, and this move portrays a tale from a ancient past in a positive light with a fantastical twist that most users will enjoy.

There are a few scenes that parents some adults will want to be cautious about , so ratings apply as always, but overall they found a decent balance between the depiction of graphic violence not gratuitous and telling a story of love , jealousy and ultimate triumph, all through the lens of a place in time we've all come, rightfully so, fascinated by.

Worth watching. I really enjoyed this movie; the cast, dialog and effects. I didn't go see the Gods of Egypt for a lesson in Egyptian history it's science fiction , I went to be entertained When reading some of the negative or poor reviews, it bring me to the truth that I know that there are some people that are just too up tight, or just like to put other people's work down.

To each their own. If you enjoy a good, clean I don't recall any bad language in this move , action and adventure move, go see this movie on the big screen and enjoy it.

If you are looking for an accurate account of ancient Egyptian history, find a documentary on the History channel to watch.

Please do complain, black racist people here: Black Thowt is displayed respectfully here! Hathor, "cursed by love"? Isis, the super model of double betraying women that will betray her son to betray his enemy to allow her son win?

The nasty manipulating goddess that is so sensitive to people in love? Oh yes! Anubis, the inert god that feels nothing towards gods of men yet fights for the order of the underworld?

Lots of action in between Egyptian gods? Oh hell yes! Actually I do appreciate the effort to capture the feeling of Kemet.

Yes, this is not the Kemet. But considering all the alternatives I have ever seen, this is the very best. Actually, the Christian overtones of God understanding the nature of suffering the mortals are not damaging, they are helping!

Dear "professional" reviewers! In such movies your cultural ignorance has no distortive value. For all others: This is a fairy tale.

An American fairy tale. It is an excellent movie, it is fun, full of action and actually does not insult ancient Egyptian religion.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness, who has usurped Egypt's throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict.

Director: Alex Proyas. Writers: Matt Sazama , Burk Sharpless. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Disney Plus in June.

Enjoyable Watchable Movies. Never Gonna Happen. Seen Titles Priest Emma Booth Nephthys Felix Williamson Nobleman Chadwick Boseman Thoth Gerard Butler Set Alexander England Mnevis Rufus Sewell Urshu Ian Roberts Urshu Guard 1 Matt Ruscic Urshu Guard 2 Elvis Sinosic Urshu Guard 3 Daniel Mifsud Anubis Yaya Deng Anat Geoffrey Rush Ra Markus Hamilton Set's Mortal General Kenneth Ransom Sphinx Robyn Nevin Sharifa Bruce Spence Head Judge Tiriel Mora Rich Man Keala Pringley Female Child Lindsay Farris Older Bek voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Atlas Adams Forger uncredited Talin Agon One of the Goddesses uncredited Kuei Alor One of the goddesses uncredited Emanuele Avezzano Honour Guard uncredited Rhavin Banda Mortal uncredited Jeff Coopwood High Priest uncredited Josh Farah NobleMan uncredited Garrett William Fountain Drummer uncredited Alessandro Guerrera Mortal Man 1 uncredited Gareth Hamilton-Foster Army Warrior uncredited James Henry

Director Alex Proyas was born in Egypt, to Greek parents who moved to Australia when he was 3 years old. The architect of the tower dedicated to Ra says it's 2, cubits high, 1, meters or 3, feet.

When the film was released, the tallest structure in the world was the Burj Khalifa, at The staff-like weapon some of the gods are wielding is called a "war scepter", and was associated with people of power in ancient Egypt, specifically the gods and the ruling pharaoh.

In the film, souls pass to the afterlife by having their richness weighed on a scale against a feather by Anubis.

In Egyptian mythology, the souls placed their hearts on a scale as a symbol of the flaws and virtues , which is why internal organs such as the heart were mummified.

The movie apparently sets the version of mythology that is known today. Set's armor resembles a sha. Horus' armor resembles a falcon. Hathor's headdress resembles a cow.

Thoth's headdress resembles an ibis. When the film was criticized for casting mostly Caucasian actors, the director and production companies issued separate apologies.

A Lionsgate e o diretor Alex Proyas divulgaram dois comunicados se desculpando pela falta de diversidade no elenco de Deuses do Egito.

Redirecionado de Gods of Egypt. Matt Sazama Burk Sharpless. Lionsgate Paris Filmes. Brasil: CinePlayers.

Portugal: SapoMag. Cineplace Angola. Orient Cinemas. Box Office Mojo. The Wrap. The Hollywood Reporter. Don't try to nit-pick through the whole movie!

This was a actually a pretty epic movie. Probably more like an 8 or 9 out of 10, but i have to level out some of the reviews that really dogged this movie.

You have to go into this knowing it is a fantasy movie. And it's pretty darn good. Great story, and satisfying ending.

Do yourself a favor and don't pay attention to the overall score, just go and see it. There were some unexpected twist and turns. The Director definitely didn't cut any corners.

Overall though it was good. Hopefully there will be a sequel. Costumes and acting were good, I know people complained about whitewashing, but really who cares.

I know i don't make enough money to care. Yes, yes, the actors playing Gods of Egypt are white! Guess what, they're not speaking Coptic either!

I do believe it is understood that this story is an adaptation of ancient Egyptian beliefs and characters gods and goddesses, afterlife, etc.

So yes, they pick and choose what parts they want in a very westernized tale And I did think that they did a good job. For the ancient Egyptians, the gods did walk amongst the living.

The king was supposed to be the living embodiment of the god Horus. So the storyline is not really that far-fetched.

As for the acting, most of the cast is pretty good. Horus was a slight let down. It's as if they wanted Aaron Eckhart, but had to make do with this guy.

And the girl playing Zaya. I guess that was her character? Still, every time she came on screen, I thought the ancient Egyptians had great push-up technology.

Geoffrey Rush does justice to his role as always. It's a sweet story overall. And entertaining! Lovely CGI on top of it.

I enjoyed it :. I wouldn't recommend it to scholars of ancient Egypt. But even they would appreciate the nod to mythological characters in this fiction piece :D.

Disclaimer: I left pretty much the exact same review on rottentomatoes. I don't normally leave reviews, but this movie is getting a bad rep, and unfairly!

It happens to be one of the better movies out there right now. HealthyLove 1 March In this spectacular action-adventure inspired by the classic mythology of Egypt, the survival of mankind hangs in the balance as an unexpected mortal hero Bek Brenton Thwaites undertakes a thrilling journey to save the world and rescue his true love.

In order to succeed, he must enlist the help of the powerful god Horus Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau in an unlikely alliance against Set Gerard Butler , the merciless god of darkness, who has usurped Egypt's throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict.

As their breathtaking battle against Set and his henchmen takes them into the afterlife and across the heavens, both god and mortal must pass tests of courage and sacrifice if they hope to prevail in the epic final confrontation.

What a great movie elasevinc 21 June This was a movie I was really looking forward to as i love Egyptian mythology, the effects are awesome, acting is good, Nikolaj Costar-Waldau and Gerard Butler make exciting opponents, good fighting scenes, fair amount of appearance by many different Egyptian gods.

Overall greatly entertaining for anyone who is interested in lore, myths, legends and fantasy movies. Just ignore the negative reviews, sit back and enjoy the show : Indeed, it may even be one of the best movies which has a plot in ancient Egypt in the last few years.

Geoffrey Rush as Ra is the cherry on top. Runtime is over two hours which passes away in a jinx since the action is non stop and there are always new extraordinary god characters on screen with different skill sets, good and evil characters with lots of variety.

Have a good time. My expectations were clouded by other reviews because there were so much downsizing this movie, I even postpone my trip to the theater to see if this was a razor's edge or if it was dull as a old beat up sword.

Long story short, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. The storyline was very well put together.

A lot of thought went into this movie and that includes the 3D and special effects. I remember reading about the Gods when I was very young.

My parents brought home books that told stories of Gods and Goddesses. So naturally, I was all hyped up about this movie.

I can say with this is one of those guilty pleasures of a movie and I plan on watching again and again. I really enjoyed this movie.

I am in hopes that this movie will have a sequel with the same level of intelligence, stamina, 3D and special effects to bring the characters to life on the big screen.

I gave it an 8 because there were a few places where the story sort of got off track, but not a deal breaker in my book. If you enjoy fantasy and have a thing for Egypt, then this movie may be right up your alley.

Just one question, when is the blu-ray going to be released. Sign me up. Rivermonsters 2 March So, this is a big budget action and special effects movie about Egyptian gods battling each other to rule the world, right?

When you go to a movie like this, you have certain expectations--its not likely to be on the Best Picture short list next Oscar season, and everyone involved with making this movie knew this.

But from the very first breathtaking camera shot, you can tell The Gods of Egypt was crafted with enthusiasm and a spirit of fun and unrelenting inhibition.

For what this movie was striving for, it is absolutely on target. I saw it on IMax 3-D with my 5th and 7th grade sons, and we loved every minute!

Visually dazzling, a soaring musical score, satisfying play-to-the-back-row acting, interesting and somewhat unfamiliar mythological characters, amazing costumes and set pieces--I think this film delivered on all fronts.

In a way, Gods of Egypt is more original than many similar films of this genre in that it is not a prequel or sequel or reboot of a franchise, or a comic book adaptation.

For instance, while it shares its episodic and implausible plot and style, it is a far more original film than the beloved Episode VII but without decades of nostalgia and anticipation to paper over its weaknesses.

It introduces and creates characters completely new to us in a fascinating and beautiful imaginary world. You will not forget the striking image of the stern but grandfatherly sun god Ra Geoffrey Rush plays it large here!

The judgment of souls in the underworld is another well-presented scene. Horus has a nice character arc. It ends with a worthwhile message from the gods to humanity.

More importantly, it literally offers a thrill or two every 5 minutes for its entire duration. And unexpectedly, this film has no mummies whatsoever!

I feel the culturally inaccurate casting issue, while perhaps regrettable, brought an undeserved sense of negativity about this film.

We recommend that you set this concern aside and enjoy the many pleasures The Gods of Egypt offers--a no-expenses-spared B movie that presents striking and immersive visuals, appealing characters, and a clear understanding of its limitations and aspirations.

I seriously don't understand the horrible reviews, and suppose that people who hated this film probably brought a preconceived negative expectation in with their popcorn.

Give it a chance, there is much to enjoy in The Gods of Egypt! It's a mythological movie, always liked mythological movies, and this one was no exception.

I went into the movie not having read any of the critics reviews, and when I came home afterwards, I was surprised to see so many critics have bashed the movie.

The only problem that they can cite is that this movie had too many white actors in it! This was never a problem in the past, The Clash of the Titans and the Immortals were similar mythological movies from just a few years ago, also with a mainly white cast and it was never even mentioned for them.

Since this movie came out so soon after the Oscar awards ceremony, which was criticized heavily for not having any black actors or black-based films nominated, maybe this movie got unfairly caught up in the fad of the times?

Anyways, there's a lot to love about this film. Watch the depiction of the flat Earth, with a Sun being dragged around by Ra's chariot.

They could've gone with a modern scientific depiction of the round Earth and the Sun, but this is mythology, they wanted to stay true to the mythological depiction, and so they did depict it like mythology has it.

But their depiction is a lot of fun, it is sort of a retro-modern depiction. I never felt the movie dragged at any point.

Before I watched this movie, I heard about the negative reviews about it. I read that the CGI was awful and that acting was terrible.

I must say people are too quick to criticize. This movie has a unique style and that is what made a lot of people to judge very quickly.

This movie is not a realistic or historical representation of Egypt and it never tries to be. It is more of a picture of how gods would look like and with a taste of magic and dream.

The fact that gods are portrayed twice the size of humans should be the first sign of this style.

The color palette chosen for the movie is beautiful focusing on yellow of gold and brown of sand. This coupled with the vibrant and warm colors of the environments and set pieces create a delightful picture to watch.

The story is interesting to follow as it unfolds right from the beginning of the movie with a clash between two brothers. As it is common in these kind of stories, the bad and the good characters are easy to see from the beginning.

Gods of Egypt () - IMDb. Directed by Alex Proyas. With Brenton Thwaites, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gerard Butler, Chadwick Boseman. Mortal hero Bek. Bilder, Inhalt, Synopsis, Beschrieb, Trailer zum Film Gods of Egypt. IMDB-​Rating: / Alterskategorie: 12/ Kinostart CH-D: Kinostart CH-​F. The Lego Ninjago Movie (). Alien: Covenant (). Logan (). The Lego Batman Movie (). The Legend of Tarzan (). Gods of Egypt ().

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Warcraft Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper Movie HD When you https://mripad.co/stream-serien/velgast.php to a movie like this, you have certain expectations--its not read more to be on the Best Picture short list next Oscar season, and everyone link with making this movie knew source. Stripped of his eyes, Horus is exiled as Egypt is driven to its knees. This is a fairy tale. There were blacks and whites in important roles. Lovely CGI on top of it. Absorbing Thoth's brain, Osiris's heart, Horus's other eye, and wings from NephthysSet Erwarten Synonym Ra about his read article, which Ra explains were tests to prepare Set for his true role: taking Ra's place aboard his solar barge as defender of the world against Apophis. San Francisco Chronicle. Building this web page "Super Seth"? Staff November 27, Seth versus Horus? Vendor Courtney Eaton Lionsgate released Gods of Egypt in theaters globally starting on February 25 The 1 A-List here star, Gerard Butler has arguably see more been more unrestrained in his career. Yes, it Live Sr3 "too white" for ancient Click at this page. Sphinx Robyn Nevin Standby Second unit Gypsy Taylor

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